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        The company operating the goods are: textile and apparel fabrics, leather, light industrial products, sports and outdoor leisure products, household electronic products, metal products, chemical building material products, nearly 1000 kinds of commodities, trade in addition to import and export business, is also engaged in economic information consulting services, real estate development, industrial product manufacturing business, customers around the the world more than 150 countries and regions, has for four consecutive years of export Jiaxing ranked the first, for four consecutive years into the top 500 private enterprises.
        " Integrity, pragmatic, passion, excellence " is the concept of enterprise development, a comprehensive quality management system is the enterprise survival and protection, computerized management of enterprise management is the fundamental. In recent years the company in the internal management of enterprises, the implementation of brand strategy, market development, quality service satisfaction, diligence and professionalism construction, explore the new mode of operation, to create " Layo " brand is our goal is to build, promote " Liangyou group " enterprise brand is the development of the integrity of the cornerstone of the enterprise, we will in good faith as the driving force, advancing with the times and conform the world Liangyou group create new development space.
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